What is access control systems?

Tech Solutions Shop is the place to go if you are serious about access control in Nairobi or Kenya at large. Access control systems provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter your premises. However, to achieve maximum security knowledge of operation of this systems is required.

Electronic door control systems are the most commonly used, they employ card or a magnetic stripe which can be accessed by swiping through a reader on the door. These systems are used for security purposes thus keeping out unwanted persons.

The areas or organizations which require high security use different types of access control equipment like bio metric, RFID, door controllers as well as card readers etc. Each access point may be controlled individually as per the requirement of company or organizations where high security is necessary. Network security is also important, especially in a company which handles sensitive data.

Tech Solutions Shop provides customized electronic access control. These include card, Password, PIN or fingerprint (biometric) access control systems for home and organizations depending on individual needs. Cards form the most popular electronic access systems, each business or organization has different security initiatives and goals. To buy Access Control equipment in Nairobi, Kenya visit Tech Solutions Shop along Kimathi Street.

The popularity of access systems has grown over the last decade for many reasons. They remove the need to change locks and duplicate keys. Moreover, electronic access control system provide a stream of data that is very beneficial to both large and small organizations. With access control, your team will have the ability to monitor and analyze door transactions and even track specific users.

Why Access control?

Normal locks and keys don’t offer as much control and flexibility as electronic access control. Electronic access control systems offer managers the option to control their electronic locks during certain hours. For example, many facilities want to prevent entry to the entire building, or maybe just certain doors, during ‘off hours’. These features can even be remotely controlled in case you need to make changes “on the fly” and let someone in or prevent access for a specific individual.

Electronic access control has a variety of different features and specifications. The security experts at Tech Solutions Shop can guide you in selecting the best system for your organization. Our technicians are trained in installation and maintenance of all kinds of access control system sold at our shop.

Access control systems from Tech Solutions shop can be employed on any type of door, glass, wood, aluminum etc. We can fit electronic access control systems to a range of different doors, turnstiles, parking gates, and even motorized fencing. Tech Solutions Shop is dedicated to helping you find the best alternative for your organization.

We strive for complete satisfaction with our clients. The use of access control systems, high security locks and panic bars enables your home or business to remain secure and protected.

Contact our staff or visit our shop to further inquire about our wide range of products. For the latest technological security items, including Fingerprint scanners, RFID, face/facial readers, key cards, card readers among others.