TP Link at Best Prices

TP Link Equipment Supplier at Best Prices
TP Link Equipment Supplier at Best Prices

TP-Link Wireless routers

TP-Link routers deliver wider wireless coverage and support Access Point mode to create a new Wi-Fi access point. We stock TP-Link Wi-Fi routers for enterprise application, small business, home office use and much more. These routers offer super fast transfer speed offering a superior wi-fi experience. consequently, Tp-Link wireless routers have greater coverage and fast reliable wi-fi. TP-Link Wi-Fi routers deliver the best services to meet most home and small office needs delivering high quality wireless connections. Wireless routers have a variety of different features and specifications. Furthermore, network experts at Tech Solutions Shop will guide you in selecting the best system for your organization. Tech Solutions Shop is a leading distributor of business class broadband and networking wireless routers solutions. Wireless routers provide internet connection known as WI-Fi which removes the need for wires to connect to the internet. Unlike wired LAN connections WI-Fi routers are very convenient and provide connection anywhere anytime. The ultimate purpose of WI-Fi routers is to make our lives more convenient. . Now no trouble involved associated with wires when it comes to wireless routers. Connection has now become wireless. You will find WI-Fi routers in more buildings today as many people have embraced Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) idea. Tech Solutions Shop’s products are feature rich and flexible, adapting to many applications and providing scalability for growing businesses. Contact our staff or visit our shop for more inquiry to WI-Fi routers.

TP-Link Access Points

Tp-link has a wide variety of Wireless access point including the ceiling mount desktop, indoor, outdoor among others. Indoor access points include  TL-WA701ND, TL-WA801ND, TL-901ND among others. Outdoor access point include 2.4 Ghz 300mbps 9dBi outdoor CPE210, , 5 Ghz 300mbps 13 dBi CPE510 and 5 Ghz 300mbps 23 dBi CPE610 The excellent design enhances every home so its gentle curves, excellent crafting and remarkable quality reflects style and elegance. In other words Tp-link products will match perfectly with your furniture. Our technicians are trained in installation and maintenance of all TP-Link router sold at Tech Solutions Shop. Contact Tech Solutions shop for further inquiry with regard to TP-Link routers and access points as well as consultation.