Are you serious about access control ? ZKteco is your No. 1 solution when it comes to access control and restriction. Tech Solutions shop sells genuine ZKTeco access control and time attendance systems. Our shop stocks the best access control and Time attendance products. ZKTeco systems rank among the best in the world due to their hard algorithm.

Electronic access control products are very popular since they help control access to users not allowed. ZKTeco tops the field of Time attendance and access control due to its algorithms as well as SDKs.

Managers have the option to control their electronic locks during certain hours with an access control system. Many facilities may want to restrict access to the entire building, or maybe just certain doors, during “off hours”. These features can be remotely controlled, in case you need to make changes “on the fly”. This means let someone in or restrict access for a specific individual at any time.

Tech Solutions shop offers the best user verification systems that is tailored for your needs.

The products that we supply and install include but not limited to ZKteco f18, ZKteco K40 and so on

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